Happy New Year

So…… Here it is 2015!! 2014 has been and gone, so many highs and 1 or 2 lows!!

Now I’m not going to write about me on this one (ok maybe a little just to round up 2014) but more about inspiration for 2015.

Now like I said at the top 2014 has been and gone so whatever bad happened to you suck it up and move forward, be stronger than you were in 2014.

For myself (I did tell you just a little about myself) I had a couple of lows in 2014 and I for one is going to try and be strong for myself and move forward and be better in 2015 than 2014.

Now as my job as a Personal Trainer I want to let you know that I all hope that you have a healthy 2015. Now for you people who say the saying ‘new year new me’ don’t say it DO IT!! Too many people these days don’t take action when it comes to their goals, but don’t sit around dwelling on it take action grab it by the scruff of the neck and go get it!!!

So 2015… What’s new for me! I’m going to concentrate on me, now for some of you this may be boring but my goal in regards to fitness is to be stronger and leaner than I am now so I’ve set myself up on a strict nutrition and training regime for the first 6 weeks until I change my nutrition and training around to see what results I hit.

I also have a few work and personal goals that I want to achieve, I want to continue to build a strong client base for myself to be a great trainer and work with people from all walks of lives and with people that have different goals from the norm. I also want to do some travelling, even if it’s just Europe I want to see parts of the world that I would usually go see to broaden my horizons.

A final note on 2014 I just want to thank my friends and family for all the amazing things I’ve done in 2014 and for their support and I also want to thank them for helping me during the hard times and I. Sure they will be there for 2015 just like I am for them

So first blog of the year now get up, move, be healthy, love, party, be happy, have freedom, be with friends, have peace, think ahead!!!



Merry Christmas!!

So this will be my last post before Christmas and maybe of 2014 depending how busy I am during the festive period so I may surprise you with another post.

So as expected since my last post, it’s been pretty hectic with work, seeing family and of course Christmas shopping!!! 😃

I had no choice but to leave my Christmas shopping until today but managed to get it all done and everything is wrapped (to the best of my ability) and all ready to be sent to Santa so he can deliver for me.

Not much else is new to be honest, pretty boring week, just had a lot of work on as needed to get all my clients in before Christmas but we had a night out with work again and that was a good laugh but couldn’t drink much as was working the next day.

So how have you lot been? We all finished for work? We all ready for Christmas?

That’s pretty much it for me BUT I wouldn’t be doing my dues as a Personal Trainer if I didn’t mention EXERCISE! I know it’s Christmas but still find time for a workout and try and eat as clean as you can, now I’m not saying not to enjoy food and chocolates as I sure will be but still find time to eat a good breakfast and plenty of meats and vegetables during the festive period that can’t be too hard, and remember EXERCISE just 1 hour a day it’s only 4% of your day!!

Now go and have a great Christmas and a happy new year!! Thanks for reading this year, onwards and upwards for 2015.

Liam 🎄🎁💝🎉


3 days to go!! :-)

Hey guys, how are we all?

Sorry I didn’t post on Sunday was busy, I’m sure you’ve all missed me either by laughing at what I write or actually looking forward to what I write, anyway….

3 days to go, yes 3 days to go until I break up from work until the 5th January for the Christmas Period and it’s safe to say I can’t wait.

Even though I break up I don’t actually have much planned until xmas eve but hey there often the best days waking up knowing you have nothing to worry about.

Who’s ready for xmas then, because I am not!!! My Christmas will shopping will be done on the 23rd and yes I know it’s late but it’s the situation Im in and il get it all done then, at least I know what to get so its go there get it done and get out.

Not been up to much this week so far apart from work pretty much, early starts late finish you know how it is.

Last weekend was good, chilled out all day as had nothing to do but got an awesome surprise visit on Saturday evening which went through to Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon it was great, spent time at white post farm in the freezing cold but I had so much fun and was wicked to see all the Pygmy goats running around and even saw 2 reindeers which was cool.

Anyway il leave it at that see what happens this weekend as have a few plans which will be awesome.




Christmas Party

Evening everyone,

How are we all? hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

So this week has been good, I won’t bore you with what I’ve done in the week as it’s the usual work, training clients, training myself etc…. but from Friday to now its been epic!!

Friday… The Christmas Party with work was brilliant, now for you guys that know me you’ll know that I’m not a drinker but when I do I come out of my shell a little more. Myself and few colleagues first had pre drinks and its safe to say that before I even got to the venue of where our Xmas party was being held I was steaming, I thought yeah il play one of the lads at beer pong and its safe to say he destroyed me, I had been there 10 minutes and I was steaming but I held it together and kept my cool. So we got the venue and there was awards for different categories and everyone was interacting and it was a really good night, spent some time on the dance floor and socializing around the bar but it was great fun, ended getting in at like 3am with a very sore head.

Saturday…. Surprisingly I didn’t really have too much of a hangover which is surprising with the amount of alcohol a drunk, not too much happened in the day really as had to go play football which wasn’t great whilst feeling a little rough. Saturday night came and me and some of the lads from football went to watch 2 of our friends in their first ever boxing match on a white-collar bill and it was brilliant they both won their own battle one of the lads by a technical knockout and what I think was the only stoppage of the night so il take my hat of to the lads for giving it a go, getting in a ring with another opponent is pretty daunting experience for anyone so fair play lads and it was all in the aid of charity too.

Sunday…. Probably the best day I’ve had in a long time as had so much going on. I’ve spent all day today with a very close friend of mine who I would do anything for and always puts a smile on my face through the good times and bad times. We’ve decorated my first Xmas tree in my new apartment and helped me decorate my bedroom with some furnishing as when it comes to that stuff I’m terrible it needs a womans touch and she was ace. We decided to go watch the huger games but not before we ordered a dominos (standard sunday food) but I think we both had eyes bigger than our bellys and didn’t manage to eat it all. So we’ve gone to see the hunger games but we got to the cinema and it was sold out so we left straight away as it’s the only film we wanted to watch so we went straight back to hers so I could drop her off, it was so nice to spend the whole day with her won’t have many left as she’s moving in january so its going to be so hard to say goodbye and not to be able to see her when I want but all good things must come to an end (apparently).

She knows who she is so thank you for everything today and for everything you’ve done for me il never forget you. Lottles xx

Thanks for your time guys, hope you all have a good week.


Moving Day & December

Hey guys..

So I normally post on a Sunday but been so busy moving house I actually forgot so sorry about that.

How we all been over the last week then? Have we all been busy?

I’ve had a busy week yet again at work plenty of clients to get fit and changing lives as Us PT’s say, done a lot of hours to try and hit my personal targets but I got there so that was very rewarding for me.

Remember it’s always good to set goals, no matter how big or small, set a goal achieve it and set bigger goals for next time this will keep you motivated week by week I tend to do this a lot with my fitness and with my business and it’s worked well so far, give it a try and let me know how you get on.

So what else have I been doing…. I moved house, it wasn’t as stressful as first thought but glad to be in and settled and get some consistency back and into routine, it’s the first time I’ve done the city living so it’s gonna take some time to get used to but it’s a fresh start after a relationship ship breakdown but that’s a story for another day (don’t want to get upset haha).

So it’s all meals for one and watching crap tv although currently watching the hunger games (love the films and love Jennifer Lawrence)

We are into December who would of thought it eh…? This year has gone so fast so many ups and a few downs so again a story for another day. I really need to start Christmas shopping but I’m sure il get all done. Haha.

Well that’s me done guys just thought I would check in and keep you updated, happy 1st December guys I hope you all start to get into the festive spirit.

Until next time….



Christmas Preparations!!

Hello everyone,

So this weeks been rough, been really busy at work with clients and changing people’s lives as well as moving back and forth from my moms to my sisters as currently stopping there at the moment until I move into my new apartment on Friday 🙂 which is also pay-day so its safe to say that I cannot wait until Friday.

So…….. Christmas is coming!! I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge but I believe that the christmas tree should be put up in December and I’m getting fed up of people on Facebook & Twitter with the christmas tress up, I mean come on its still November.

Now don’t get me wrong as soon as it hits December I will be decking out my new apartment with all christmas festivities and I can’t wait, I love christmas, the films, the food & spending time with family and friends whilst not being at work I mean whats not to love?

Now as I’m a PT I think its my obligation to give you a heads up about fitness and nutrition over Christmas period, now a lot of people will probably read this and shut up its Christmas which is fair enough.

It’s still important over the christmas period to keep your consistency up with your healthy eating and regular training and then take it into the new year, try to make the best decisions you can but remember its christmas so enjoy yourself too.

Well that’s it for today, Il have more next week as got a lot going on this coming week with work, moving into my new apartment, pay-day, christmas shopping!!

Talk soon,


Another week done!

Well so here it is, sunday evening yet again which means only one thing, thats right… its monday tomorrow!!

This weeks not been too bad, been busy at work with clients and then spending time back and forth at my sisters and my mums whilst sorting out an apparent that I’m moving into (more on that to come later) so this coming week hopefully mite bring about something more interesting as its not been to fun this week just the usual, work, eat, sleep repeat.

As I mentioned before I’m a personal trainer and i managed to do my first ever muscle up this week, so very happy about that so the strength training I’ve been doing is working. If you ever want any tips of fitness and nutrition then please give me a shout.

Im gonna keep this short as got some programmes to do for work for monday morning so got to keep busy, hope you all have a good evening and il check in again soon.



My first blog :-)

Hey guys or to anyone who reads this,

Now I have never been much of a write or a reader or to be honest anything to do with studying, listening, learning etc, you see I’ve been involved in sport my whole life hence the reason that I am now a Personal Trainer.

I thought that I would start writing a blog to try and connect with others who may be going through the same situation as me in day to day life (nothing happening right now to be honest) and be available to answer any questions they may have.

So a little about me, my name is Liam I’m 26 years old from Nottingham and I’m a Personal Trainer. As you can imagine I have a very active lifestyle always on the go, I like to keep in shape and eat healthy have fun with friends, play football pretty much the same as every 26 year old (maybe not the football for most people).

When I left school I worked in the states so I’ve done some travelling which was amazing and truly loved and would recommend to anyone, I went to work in the States coaching football for around 3 months after college came back to the uk looking for work and fell into finance which was ok I was pretty good at it to say I’ve never been academic now I’m not saying I’m thick or anything but I just always preferred to be active I actually got decent gcse results haha, anyway I worked in finance but it just wasn’t my thing sitting behind a desk everyday 9-5, no thank you that was not for me.

I decided to pay alot of one you to become a PT (short story now) I trained to be a pt for about 4-5 months passed and got a job at y local gym and gained some valuable experience training clients etc, now I work atone of the biggest health clubs in the country (I told you it would be short)

i love my job I have such a passion for helping people and getting them to realise their potential just like someone did with me (story for another time) and I’m so glad that I chose this career path.

well I’m gonna make this blog pretty short and hopefully over time il become better at this kind of stuff as I’m not one to really express myself but hopefully over time I will. Thanks for reading guys and il be sure to blog as much as I can as I can be pretty busy at times believe it or not and share my experiences with you all.

liam 🙂


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