Hey guys or to anyone who reads this,

Now I have never been much of a write or a reader or to be honest anything to do with studying, listening, learning etc, you see I’ve been involved in sport my whole life hence the reason that I am now a Personal Trainer.

I thought that I would start writing a blog to try and connect with others who may be going through the same situation as me in day to day life (nothing happening right now to be honest) and be available to answer any questions they may have.

So a little about me, my name is Liam I’m 26 years old from Nottingham and I’m a Personal Trainer. As you can imagine I have a very active lifestyle always on the go, I like to keep in shape and eat healthy have fun with friends, play football pretty much the same as every 26 year old (maybe not the football for most people).

When I left school I worked in the states so I’ve done some travelling which was amazing and truly loved and would recommend to anyone, I went to work in the States coaching football for around 3 months after college came back to the uk looking for work and fell into finance which was ok I was pretty good at it to say I’ve never been academic now I’m not saying I’m thick or anything but I just always preferred to be active I actually got decent gcse results haha, anyway I worked in finance but it just wasn’t my thing sitting behind a desk everyday 9-5, no thank you that was not for me.

I decided to pay alot of one you to become a PT (short story now) I trained to be a pt for about 4-5 months passed and got a job at y local gym and gained some valuable experience training clients etc, now I work atone of the biggest health clubs in the country (I told you it would be short)

i love my job I have such a passion for helping people and getting them to realise their potential just like someone did with me (story for another time) and I’m so glad that I chose this career path.

well I’m gonna make this blog pretty short and hopefully over time il become better at this kind of stuff as I’m not one to really express myself but hopefully over time I will. Thanks for reading guys and il be sure to blog as much as I can as I can be pretty busy at times believe it or not and share my experiences with you all.

liam 🙂


p.s don’t forget to follow me on twitter @LSlaterPT and my Facebook page for hints and tips on all things fitness, http://www.facebook.com/lsptfitness

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