Hello everyone,

So this weeks been rough, been really busy at work with clients and changing people’s lives as well as moving back and forth from my moms to my sisters as currently stopping there at the moment until I move into my new apartment on Friday 🙂 which is also pay-day so its safe to say that I cannot wait until Friday.

So…….. Christmas is coming!! I don’t want to sound like a Scrooge but I believe that the christmas tree should be put up in December and I’m getting fed up of people on Facebook & Twitter with the christmas tress up, I mean come on its still November.

Now don’t get me wrong as soon as it hits December I will be decking out my new apartment with all christmas festivities and I can’t wait, I love christmas, the films, the food & spending time with family and friends whilst not being at work I mean whats not to love?

Now as I’m a PT I think its my obligation to give you a heads up about fitness and nutrition over Christmas period, now a lot of people will probably read this and shut up its Christmas which is fair enough.

It’s still important over the christmas period to keep your consistency up with your healthy eating and regular training and then take it into the new year, try to make the best decisions you can but remember its christmas so enjoy yourself too.

Well that’s it for today, Il have more next week as got a lot going on this coming week with work, moving into my new apartment, pay-day, christmas shopping!!

Talk soon,


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