Evening everyone,

How are we all? hope you’ve all had a great weekend.

So this week has been good, I won’t bore you with what I’ve done in the week as it’s the usual work, training clients, training myself etc…. but from Friday to now its been epic!!

Friday… The Christmas Party with work was brilliant, now for you guys that know me you’ll know that I’m not a drinker but when I do I come out of my shell a little more. Myself and few colleagues first had pre drinks and its safe to say that before I even got to the venue of where our Xmas party was being held I was steaming, I thought yeah il play one of the lads at beer pong and its safe to say he destroyed me, I had been there 10 minutes and I was steaming but I held it together and kept my cool. So we got the venue and there was awards for different categories and everyone was interacting and it was a really good night, spent some time on the dance floor and socializing around the bar but it was great fun, ended getting in at like 3am with a very sore head.

Saturday…. Surprisingly I didn’t really have too much of a hangover which is surprising with the amount of alcohol a drunk, not too much happened in the day really as had to go play football which wasn’t great whilst feeling a little rough. Saturday night came and me and some of the lads from football went to watch 2 of our friends in their first ever boxing match on a white-collar bill and it was brilliant they both won their own battle one of the lads by a technical knockout and what I think was the only stoppage of the night so il take my hat of to the lads for giving it a go, getting in a ring with another opponent is pretty daunting experience for anyone so fair play lads and it was all in the aid of charity too.

Sunday…. Probably the best day I’ve had in a long time as had so much going on. I’ve spent all day today with a very close friend of mine who I would do anything for and always puts a smile on my face through the good times and bad times. We’ve decorated my first Xmas tree in my new apartment and helped me decorate my bedroom with some furnishing as when it comes to that stuff I’m terrible it needs a womans touch and she was ace. We decided to go watch the huger games but not before we ordered a dominos (standard sunday food) but I think we both had eyes bigger than our bellys and didn’t manage to eat it all. So we’ve gone to see the hunger games but we got to the cinema and it was sold out so we left straight away as it’s the only film we wanted to watch so we went straight back to hers so I could drop her off, it was so nice to spend the whole day with her won’t have many left as she’s moving in january so its going to be so hard to say goodbye and not to be able to see her when I want but all good things must come to an end (apparently).

She knows who she is so thank you for everything today and for everything you’ve done for me il never forget you. Lottles xx

Thanks for your time guys, hope you all have a good week.


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