Hey guys, how are we all?

Sorry I didn’t post on Sunday was busy, I’m sure you’ve all missed me either by laughing at what I write or actually looking forward to what I write, anyway….

3 days to go, yes 3 days to go until I break up from work until the 5th January for the Christmas Period and it’s safe to say I can’t wait.

Even though I break up I don’t actually have much planned until xmas eve but hey there often the best days waking up knowing you have nothing to worry about.

Who’s ready for xmas then, because I am not!!! My Christmas will shopping will be done on the 23rd and yes I know it’s late but it’s the situation Im in and il get it all done then, at least I know what to get so its go there get it done and get out.

Not been up to much this week so far apart from work pretty much, early starts late finish you know how it is.

Last weekend was good, chilled out all day as had nothing to do but got an awesome surprise visit on Saturday evening which went through to Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon it was great, spent time at white post farm in the freezing cold but I had so much fun and was wicked to see all the Pygmy goats running around and even saw 2 reindeers which was cool.

Anyway il leave it at that see what happens this weekend as have a few plans which will be awesome.




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