So this will be my last post before Christmas and maybe of 2014 depending how busy I am during the festive period so I may surprise you with another post.

So as expected since my last post, it’s been pretty hectic with work, seeing family and of course Christmas shopping!!! 😃

I had no choice but to leave my Christmas shopping until today but managed to get it all done and everything is wrapped (to the best of my ability) and all ready to be sent to Santa so he can deliver for me.

Not much else is new to be honest, pretty boring week, just had a lot of work on as needed to get all my clients in before Christmas but we had a night out with work again and that was a good laugh but couldn’t drink much as was working the next day.

So how have you lot been? We all finished for work? We all ready for Christmas?

That’s pretty much it for me BUT I wouldn’t be doing my dues as a Personal Trainer if I didn’t mention EXERCISE! I know it’s Christmas but still find time for a workout and try and eat as clean as you can, now I’m not saying not to enjoy food and chocolates as I sure will be but still find time to eat a good breakfast and plenty of meats and vegetables during the festive period that can’t be too hard, and remember EXERCISE just 1 hour a day it’s only 4% of your day!!

Now go and have a great Christmas and a happy new year!! Thanks for reading this year, onwards and upwards for 2015.

Liam 🎄🎁💝🎉


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