So…… Here it is 2015!! 2014 has been and gone, so many highs and 1 or 2 lows!!

Now I’m not going to write about me on this one (ok maybe a little just to round up 2014) but more about inspiration for 2015.

Now like I said at the top 2014 has been and gone so whatever bad happened to you suck it up and move forward, be stronger than you were in 2014.

For myself (I did tell you just a little about myself) I had a couple of lows in 2014 and I for one is going to try and be strong for myself and move forward and be better in 2015 than 2014.

Now as my job as a Personal Trainer I want to let you know that I all hope that you have a healthy 2015. Now for you people who say the saying ‘new year new me’ don’t say it DO IT!! Too many people these days don’t take action when it comes to their goals, but don’t sit around dwelling on it take action grab it by the scruff of the neck and go get it!!!

So 2015… What’s new for me! I’m going to concentrate on me, now for some of you this may be boring but my goal in regards to fitness is to be stronger and leaner than I am now so I’ve set myself up on a strict nutrition and training regime for the first 6 weeks until I change my nutrition and training around to see what results I hit.

I also have a few work and personal goals that I want to achieve, I want to continue to build a strong client base for myself to be a great trainer and work with people from all walks of lives and with people that have different goals from the norm. I also want to do some travelling, even if it’s just Europe I want to see parts of the world that I would usually go see to broaden my horizons.

A final note on 2014 I just want to thank my friends and family for all the amazing things I’ve done in 2014 and for their support and I also want to thank them for helping me during the hard times and I. Sure they will be there for 2015 just like I am for them

So first blog of the year now get up, move, be healthy, love, party, be happy, have freedom, be with friends, have peace, think ahead!!!



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